The software we host for users:



A wiki is a simple, user-editable website. LibIT provide hosting using MediaWIki, the software that powers Wikipedia and thousands of other sites. This is an ideal way to create a simple, private site for your local party or other organisation, to share knowledge and files, and provide an "institutional memory" which can be searched years later.

LGBT+ Lib Dems have used a wiki for their exec since 2010, for meeting agendas & minutes, policies and procedures, campaigns and other useful information.


Surveys, petitions and questionnaires are a vital part of campaigning. LimeSurvey is leading open source software for surveying, including branching paths, data visualisation and a wide variety of simple export options so you can use your data in the way that works for you.


Using hosting donated by our friends at Pepperfish, we provide a free mailing list server using Sympa, the list software used by the party for many years.